Thanks to Gene K , Bird, Deepsquat, Undummy, T-Keith , VVK

Bucks County, Pa.
Sorry for the very delayed response. The last two weeks have been nuts with family, work related road trips and home computer problems! Many thanks to all of you for your timely and helpfull ideas. [Cheers!] All of you guys (I assume) different perspectives have help me put together a game plan. At this point I would really would like to keep this Buick Gran Sport, other than this problem the rest of the car is in excellent shape. Gene K I agree a uoa with "Dyson Package" is worth the $35.00 investment. I have about 1K on this oil change now. When should I have it performed and is it okay to have the Hitach additive included in the uoa? Should I start with a fresh oil change without the additive? How much would a pre-lube system cost? Could it be transfered to my next car? Really worth it to prolong this engine if this is the direction I go? I would consider a GM crate engine and I'll talk to my local dealer. A Jasper remanufactured unit with a 3yr/36 K warrenty goes for about $2,6000.00 installed by a local shop. Bird Thanks for the encouragement. I don't plan to give up too soon! Last week I had the rear struts and front tie-rods replaced, both were original to the car and so I have a bit more invested ($). I have to try to get some service dollars back. If I keep this car for another 50K or so, what repair issues in particular do you see? Get out your magic 8 ball. Do you remenber those from the 60's? I must admit in the past I have changed rides befor 100K on the clock. Deepsquat, Undummy, T-Keith I think I will try a good flowing thicker oil as was suggested for my next oil change (5W-50 high detergent) perhaps with marvel/rislone/lubeguard over the next three changes. I will change to the freer-oil flowing filter like purolator premium plus also. Just by looking inside the oil inlet in the valve cover all looks fairly clean from what I can see. No sludge or bad staining, and a inside dip / swipe inside the cover with my finger did not produce any either. Do you think this engine is a candidate for AutoRx treatment? Worth the effort? Results? Make things worse? T-Keith Thanks for the Lesabret invite. I had a chance to stop over today and I do like many of examples I saw. I remenber many years ago one of past neighbors had a "T-Type" coupe, fully loaded in metalic red and light gray leather interior. He was sure proud when he brought that car home from dealership and enjoyed it for many years later. My 95 Buick GS is certainly related to that vintage. It is next to the last year for the coupe, in black and gray leather interior, fully loaded with all goodies fot that year. I really have not seen anything out there thats worth droping $20K or more, and besides I still enjoy driveing the car very much. I will borrow a stethoscope and try to better isolate the noises (valve chatter / slight nocking), however I will get a second or third opinion from better professional ears than mine. I think I"ll get those opinions after the next oil change without the "hitach" additive and perhaps with the standard 10w-30 castrol gtx. I've heard of others that the 3800 engine is GM's better efforts and it's almost a bullet proof design. Gee,I hope one did not get past my kevlar vest! VVK I agree getting the oil pressure checked is a good idea. I live in lower bucks county, in the southampton area.