Testing for Alcohol

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Jan 1, 2006
Mount Dora FL, Penfield NY, Roswell NM
Purchased a small kit ($7.99) at my local Sea Plane base in Tavares Florida. Just a glass tube with various lines molded in the tube. Add water to the water line. Add gasoline to the gasoline line. Shake and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then read the line where the water now sits. These lines read 5%, 10%, 15% up to 30%. Tried it twice so far. Once at an Exxon Premium pump and once at a discount premium pump. Both times, it read that the gas had 5% alcohol. Will take more readings whenever I get fuel, both regular and premium, just to see. Something that was interesting is that with the test, I remember something that my teachers said wayyyyyyy back when I was in High School. If you mix an equal amount of water and alcohol, you will not get twice the amount of liquid. Example. If you mix one pint of water with one pint of alcohol, you will NOT get two pints of liquid, but you will get somewhat less than two pints. See, I remember my High School teachers. The reason being that alcohol molecules are smaller than water molocules, and they fit between the larger water molocules. The reason I mention this is that when I took the reading, showing the fuel had 5% alcohol, the total amount of liquid in the glass tube went down. Matter of fact, it went down more than the amount the water/alcohol mix went up.
Tested again, this time at a Citgo station I use a lot. 93 Octane. Measures 6% Alcohol. If you want to duplicate that test, buy an alcohol test kit. Mine only cost me $7.99 and I'm sure I paid too much, but I've never seen them before, so I paid the price. One of these days, I'm going to do a test at a station that sells "Alcohol Free Gas" just to keep them honest. That alcohol free station sells gas for minimum 50 cents more a gallon than the normal stations. Matter of fact, the alcohol free place is not a real gas station, but sells non normal fuels, such as 100 octane, 110 octane, aviation fuel, 100PP aviation fuel, etc. I think their 87 and 93 octane fuel is an afterthought. Their tanks are all above ground, but under cover. You pump, then go inside and tell them how much you pumped, and they multiply that days price by the amount you pumped. I once asked them if anyone cheats. They said no. Never been cheated. I use their gas for my emergency generator, but don't like paying over 10% more for it.
OK, here is what the box says: (Side 1) Daansen USA Inc, PO Box 614, Nashua, NH 03061 Made in Taiwan. Aircraft Fuel Tester Cowl Screwdriver %Alcohol-in-Mogas Check. (Side 2) To measure % alcohol in mogas fuel - 1. Add water precisely to zero level in line on % alcohol scale. 2. Add fuel to be tested up to the gas level line. 3. Cap with thumb, shake vigorously to thoroughly mix. 4. Let stand 5-10 min, read % alcohol-in-fuel on scale of 0-30% at line separating gasoline and water. (Sides 3 & 4) Fuel Tester 391S Screw Driver The quality tool for detecting fuel contamination. Note that this was purchased at our local float plane basin in Tavares Florida, and it is used for float planes. The closed end has a built in screwdriver and I have no idea what the "391S" stands for other than it may be a model number. Cost me all of $7.99. I have not yet looked up Daansen USA Inc in Google, but I will when I have a chance. Good Luck.
OK, just went into Google, and their phone number is: 603-882-8897. Also says that they are a very small company, with one to four employees. 603-882-8897. Note, no website as they are so small. BTW, because you are so close in Jupiter, next time you are in the Orlando area, drive over to Tavares and stop off at "The Prop Shop" at the Float Plane Basin, as that is where I got mine, and they had a lot of them. Good luck.
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