Temporary Leather Seat Repair

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Oct 15, 2009
Upstate South Carolina
My truck has leather seats and I've got a small tear/crack on the surface right under where my thigh would be. What would you all suggest for a tempoirary repair until I get it fixed at an upholstery shop? They cannot get it in for another 2 weeks or so. Permatex makes a leather repair kit I've thought about using. Any details or suggestions?
Agree on the seat cover. It probably won't get worse in 2 weeks, but any adhesive or tape you put on it might hurt the expert's ability to fix it right.
Sandpaper it down to the bare leather (no dye) and then apply flexible vinyl repair goop (available at most stores) to it until the hole is filled. Then sand it back down flush and use upholstery paint (available again at autozone and other high-end establishments) to the repair area, and blend it to the surrounding seat. Works great!
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