TCW3 and ethanol blends

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Jan 3, 2020
I have a jug of Total TC-W3 oil i plan to use a UCL to get rid of it and experiment a bit. I sometimes have one or more injectors stuck for a few seconds when i start my car after ten days or two weeks of inactivity. I think this might help a bit but i also have to crank it for a little longer than usual in order to start when it's cold because i use E85. I've read many reports from people claiming that TC-W3 at a ratio of 640:1 improved their car's ability to start when cold. Added lubricity, improved startability and better MPG can't hurt. How well does it work with various ethanol blends from E10 up to E85? Does it mix or should i avoid trying?
I used it for a while in various combinations. Didn't notice anything good or bad across my J-Series cars. Doubt it would matter whether it was E10 or not.
If anyone is interested, i'm currently experimenting with it. My usual fuel consumption is never under 8l/100km, more like 8.3. On the first tank of E85 with the recommended 30ml for 20l (roughly 1 oz for 5 gallons) i did about 7.8l/100km. Second tank did 7.6l/100km. I'll keep testing and report. Other than that i don't notice any difference.
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