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Feb 6, 2010
Central Texas
Years ago, I set up two additional email addrs through att/yahoo as att is the "provider". I'm using T-bird. While I've been able to receive email from these addresses, I'm not able to SEND email from them. rATT tells me it's a yahoo problem and vice-versa. I'm the 'customer' and stuck. When I attempt to SEND from either addr I get: "An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: From address not verified - see http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/original/manage/sendfrom-07.html. Please verify that your email address is correct in your account settings and try again." The above link takes me to: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail-for-desktop. I checked the outgoing server settings in T-bird and found smtp.att.yahoo.com. So just who admins this: att or yahoo? I'm not sure how to link the other two addrs which end with [email protected] to this. Odd I can receive email, yet att/yahoo didn't bother to tell me I can't send it without additional steps. Under account settings > Manage identities...> one of the [email protected] addrs is listed as an 'identity'. When I chose 'edit', it tells me the outgoing server is the same as that above. I thought this was sufficient...evidently NOT! Just what's going on here and how do I remedy it? TIA...... PS: I logged on to yahoo to view my main email account in their web page. Then looked for any way to attach/link this secondary @yahoo.com addr to the main/default one. No joy.... One link took me to att.com to set up a new account or set up additional aliases using att.com, but that's not what I want. mad
Update: Wow...this is so screwed up it's just amazing.... Another puzzle to solve was how to set up an email alias through my ADSL provider rATT. I kept getting pointed to "sub-account" I don't need separate accounts for family members, I need aliases for ME. I even found a page pointing to ATT Mail Aliases, yet when I click on it, it took me to a page to log in, then another to 'sub-account'. Why is this so difficult?? Because rATT is involved! I finally call CRD who xnsfrs me to DSL tech support who tells me you actually need to go to web assistance. I'm hung up on twice! Finally I get a young guy who begins reading from his call guide only to discover "it's the wrong map" and doesn't lead me to where the guide says it should. The 'guide' and addresses don't match up! Next he consults with his supervisor who doesn't know/understand either. I begin clicking on any/everything in a vain attempt at lowest-common-denominator luck. (This is what the creators of rATT web environment have reduced both 'support' and their customers to: vain attempt random clicking...in 2017 nontheless...} How absolutely absurd...... I actually find the solution while on hold, give the tech the alias email addr I just created and he sends me a message which shows up in my primary inbox. This only took 1-1/2hrs of being on the phone while he & his boss attempted to figure this out. Both were clueless how to set up a simple email alias! I set up another email account in T-bird with this alias addr., T-bird said OK. Then I sent a test email from the alias to my pri email account....twice. Still has yet to show up in the pri inbox. Why? Further, the ENTIRE CONTENTS of my pri. inbox (330 msgs) were dwnld'd into this new alias account!!! WTH? I now have two email accounts with the same messages in both! I deleted them all in the alias account and they were dwnld'd again when T-bird checked for new emails a bit later! Evidently, I don't understand an 'alias account'. Please advise.
Others may correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an email alias account normally one that actually gets forwarded to your real email account? Like, I could have an email address at [email protected] and it gets forwarded to [email protected] and whatever techs are employed. Or, I could have multiple alias emails, sending to my one main one for privacy reasons.
Evidently....I think you're right. I may have viewed aliases as 'disposable email addresses' or mixed up the two. rATT joining yahoo has really confused me on this issue. I discovered where I created @yahoo.com disposables at mail.yahoo.com many years ago. I'm using two out of 500! What I did not understand is that these disposable addrs will automatically dwnld'd into my pri. T-bird inbox under my DSL provider rATT. Once I created the disposable, gave it to someone, they used it to send me a msg, it just appeared in the T-bird inbox. I didn't have to do anything to set it up. However, I was never able to SEND a reply using this disposable addr., in T-bird and I was puzzled by this. It was RECEIVE ONLY for me. If I wanted to reply in T-bird, I needed to use my pri email addr. What I didn't realize until today was that I COULD reply using these disposable addrs by using yahoo's webmail. I almost never use webmail to read email. Only at times to see if the server SPAM filter caught a msg that WASN'T spam. Yahoo has changed/updated their webmail page numberous times, but I didn't use it much. I've read where some use 50, 100 or more email addrs to prevent & minimize spam/junk, fraud and being tracked. It's all a bit over my head actually. So Garak, I think you're right. I wrongly thought I could also use these yahoo.com addrs I'd created years ago with first Outlook, then T-bird to SEND msgs as well as receive. May be still possible, but I don't know how to do this.
It might be possible, yes, but maybe problematic. I've set webmail services up before to use in Thunderbird, but just never did it with Yahoo, so I'm not even familiar with what's going on there. As for how the aliases work, I think you've got it. Hushmail will let premium users set up several aliases that way. As I understand it (from reading, I don't have a premium membership there to test, unfortunately), sending from one of the aliases isn't possible, but the receipt is. So, to send using Thunderbird, yes, I suspect you'll have to use the correct email credentials for the actual email address. The other problem that has begun to surface is that so many people stick to the webmail and avoid the Thunderbird that help pages on some of these sites haven't been updated at all, and the instructions to set up an email client are exceedingly dated, either referring to long deprecated software or out of date POP3 and SMTP information. It might help to send yourself an email from Yahoo's webmail and take a look at the full, expanded header.
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