Synth SAE 30?

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Originally posted by metroplex:
Which stores carry a group IV SAE 30 oil?

I think straight 30 synthetic, you gotta order this direct from Schaeffer.

Last time I checked, a couple of years ago, Redline made straight 30 synthetic, too.

But if you insist on Group 4, Schaeffer is the one.
Synthetic oil has such good viscosity indices that very likely a straight 30 weight synthetic actually meets a multigrade criteria. The European Redline site says that straight 30 dino oil already meets the 20w test and so would qualify as 20w30, but then VIIs added made it into a 20w50; hence, the origin of 20w50 motor oil.
Neo 30HD, which is group V also qualifies as a multigrade. It used to be very popular in F/Atlantic/Pacific in BDA's/BDD's.
I sell powerboats for a living and have for 19 years. Volvo offers a 30 weight synthetic (so they claim) for the GM engines marinized by Volvo. The specs are NOT up to SL standards and the bottle looks EXACTLY like the Amsoil bottle. We sell Amsoil gear lube & oil also thus the direct comparison.

I have tried to get info about this oil but only bufoons are available to provide answers, which are read from a script.

I shall endeavor to get some real answers but the brick wall is quite thick. By the way, the oil is not API certified.
I have tried to get info about this oil but only bufoons are available to provide answers, which are read from a script.

I love this description! I laughed for 15 minutes. I still can't read it without cracking up

Originally posted by Pablo:
This one is a group IV:

Amsoil SAE 30

Some of the comments: Is there such an animal as a straight SAE 30 that is API-SL?
Yes a synthetic will over lab vis. Just guessing but the about would be like a 15W-30?

Really good specs for this oil...cold pour point -38, ll.5 cst @100 degrees, 84.5 at 40 degrees...i think it would qualify for mult-vis.


Originally posted by Santo Fontana:
Kind of seems like a 30wt group IV would be perfect for most cars in the summer.

How come no one uses them?

Santo, let me take a stab at this one. I think no one uses them because there's no need to use them. Mineral/dino Straight 30 is one tough oil if you need a tough oil. And it is cheap to boot.

Using a synthetic straight 30 is like overkill. Those people demanding the best protection for the summer, and eager to pay a premium for it, can choose from a whole slew of synthetic xW-50's out there.

If there was a straight 30 group IV/V that stopped at CF-4, I'd be using it.

Ask and ye shall receieve


NEO SAE 30W Diesel Engine Oil is a single viscosity oil for applications where this is specified or desired. It meets and exceeds API Service Classification CE/SG, with CF-4 performance, as well as the performance requirements for MIL-L-46152E and MIL-L-2104E. It is designed to meet and exceed manufacturer's performance requirements for Detroit Diesel, Allison 0-4, Mack EO-K/2, Caterpillar TO-2, Cummins NTC-400, D-2, 0-2, PD-1, and all gasoline engine specifications for this viscosity grade. Recommended for naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged engines. The NEO 30W base stock is diester 100% synthetic. To that base is added NEO's balanced blend of additives that are necessary to meet and exceed these specifications.

...and it's avaialable in Oz. But do you really want to know the price ??

* makes note to self....always add qualifiers *

Yeah, I had seen that one before.

But I'd repressed it after seeing the price
So far the M1 5W-30 has been holding up well in the lawnmower... The engine is running very cool even after mowing the entire backyard w/o resting (almost ran outta gas).
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