Synergyn 5W30 - PAO?

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Jul 18, 2002
The Napa down the street sells Synergyn oil. I'm curious to give the 5W30 a try, but I don't know much about it. Is the Synergyn oil mostly PAO with some esters or is it mostly esters? Jon
I believe it to be a primarily PE and or TMP ester with some PAO, more or less a trisynthetic blended oil heavy on the ester. About two years ago the 3/30 5/30 5/50 and the 15/50 recieved an upgrade of the additive package that looks much like the package in the 0/20 Synergyn over in the VOA section here on this site .
It does seem to be a unknown as far as being used on this board. Redline seems to have a much higher approval rating.I know in racing this oil is liked like RL so after all this time can we put it in the same class as RL GC M1 or at least Royal Purple. [Eek!]
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