Switching to Green from dexcool after 150,000m+

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The VW/Audi coolant G12, etc has no 2-EHA and those cars use plastic parts in the cooling system, too.
The Germans have been using 2-EHA for a while. Both BMW/Mini and Mercedes uses G-48, which has 2-EHA in it. Mercedes used to use G-05 and it's still approved. VAG's coolants also have 2-EHA, and coolant seepage in some VW/Audi models does exist.
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That's a pretty good link and it basically comes from the SAE Journal article, Chrysler switches to OAT antifreeze for longer service interval. Probably about as good a summary imo as you'll find on vehicle coolants today. As for topic, if my vehicle spec'd Dexcool, that's what I'd use. If it didn't, I wouldn't use it or an All Makes/Models Dexclone. One exception, if one really didn't want to use Dexcool where called for, I would consider Peak Global Lifetime a good alternative.