switched to Union 76

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May 25, 2005
SW Florida
I've been a life long user of Havoline dino from day one. Been using 5/30 as that is what the vehicle calls for. With the price of dino going up and up,I decided to switch to Union 76 semi-synthetic for my last oil change. I picked it up at the Big Lots for $1.90/qt. It's from the ConocoPhilips stable of products. So far I'm very pleased. I noticed that it poured easier than the Havoline.
I wouldn't put a whole lot of stock in the pouring thing thing. 76 is good oil. But when gasoline costs 15 cents a mile and lubricating oil costs .2 cents per mile, selecting an oil based on a couple of cents per quart is just plain silly-given the importance of lubrication on a $25K vehicle.

Yeah price of motor oil has gone up a bit. Even with mail in rebate, it is a little more expensive than a few years back. There are also Motorcraft and Trop Artic both by ConocoPhilips. Don't know if those are all exactly same. It probably poured a bit easier because its synthetic blend rather than conventional oil.
I used Havoline in my Hyundai until I bought 84 quarts of T/A syn-blend at Dollar Tree prior to Katrina. I can't say I noticed any difference in how they poured (in both cases, 10W-30), but, then, I wasn't paying any particular attention, either. I'm on my second run with the TropArtic and will submit a UOA sample when it's drained out. I'm debating with myself whether to actually extend my usual 3,000 mile OCI on this run to 6,000 miles. (But doing so would mean not getting around to a drain for another year at the rate I don't put miles on...) I've suspected that the ConocoPhillips brands (TropArtic, 76, Kendall, & Conoco) are the same brew under different labeling. (what minor differences show up in the respective PDSs could easily be accounted by different production run samples being tested) Motorcraft is the joker - ConocoPhillips won't confirm that it's the same formula, but UOAs show very obvious similarities to ConocoPhillips own brands - at least what few have been submitted to date. If Motorcraft ain't a clone, then I consider it a kissin' cousin bred from twin parents (twin brothers marying twin sisters) of the others in the family until proved otherwise...
I was surprised when GI Joes had a special on U76 when they started to carry it, as soon as I get the rebate checks I think it brings it down to 59 cents a quart. Even the regular price is a buck fifty nine so only 11 cents more than T/A 5W30 at Wally's. So I have 2 cases waiting for me to use the rest of my T/A, now if they would start carrying it in 5W20 plus start using those 5 qt. jugs like Motorcraft, one can only dream.
I just filled my crankcase with 76 Super 5W-30. I been using Mobil 1 5W-30 in the last three OCI's. To me, the engine feels a lot smoother.

I found out it at my local GI Joes also. They been having it on sale for $.99-1.29 a quart the last couple of months.
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