Swine Flu PDF's stealing passwords

I've heard about some Swine Flu FAQ pdf documents that contain password stealing trojans. Seems there has been some security flaws in some of the PDF readers, so make sure your reader is up to date, and be careful what you are reading. http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/164211/beware_swine_flu_spam.html
The first swine flu e-mail with a malicious attachment surfaced this week. Symantec Security Response analyzed the file, which poses as a PDF document of Swine Influenza FAQs. "When users attempt to access the PDF file, malcode within the PDF attempts to exploit an old Adobe vulnerability (BID 33751) in order to drop malware on the local computer," said a Symantec report. Symantec detects the malicious PDF as Bloodhound.Exploit.6 and the dropped file contained in the PDF as InfoStealer, a trojan. Symantec rates it a Level 1 threat -- on the low end of the scale. Users that follow typical best practices don't have much to worry about, said Marc Fossi, manager of Symantec Security Response. A patch from Adobe has been available for some time now, antivirus software would detect the threat if it attempted installation and anti-spam software might stop the e-mail in the first place, he explained.
St. Louis
Great, I just read my office emails. One had a PDF about swine flu FAQ's sent by the office manager. That would be something if it was spreading a Trojan. The next email was one from our main IT person. He is on vacation this week.