Suzuki Forenza

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Sep 6, 2010
My mom's '04 Heritage F-150 STX got sandwiched between two other pickup trucks in a collision and totalled. Prior to the collision, it was in good shape but it is 10+ years old....not much of a settlement check there.

She's tasked me with finding her a new vehicle. I'm trying to steer her towards a 2006 Elantra but I found a Suzuki Forenza: New timing belt, tires, brakes, and plugs with less mileage.

I am not that concerned about the engine. The Holden 2.0 is fairly gutless but if the timing belt is maintained it seems to be okay.

The interior fabrics are suprisingly nice for such a cheap car and the paint and body is in remarkably good condition

I don't know anything about the automatic.

I've driven the manuals. Sloppy shifter, but I ignored the automatics.
I know the basic things. It's a Daewoo copy of a ZF and its original range sensor is a bit sketchy....that's it.
My mom's retired. It might do 6000 miles a year.

Any experience with these transmissions?
The engines like to snap timing belts even before they are due to be changed (which is every 60k miles) auto and manual trannies are poop. We used to own one and had no issues other than grinding into reverse and gear grinding when shifting at high RPM. We only owned it for 20k miles though. Traded it a just under 50,000 miles. My X has one, paint on trunk peeled off, needed a new clutch at 30k miles, tires lose air quickly, 3 door handles snapped off, has power steering and air bag issues, dents VERY easily. An automatic car wash WILL dent the exterior. Honestly don't bother with one of these. They feel pretty solid, and have well put together interiors but they are still 100% Daewoo minus the Suzuki badge.
Edit: I would look for a well cared for older Civic or Corolla, even an Accord or Camry. If taken care of they will outlast the Forenza.
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Yeah, I would like that too, except I would have to go more than double the mileage to get a Corolla in that price range

Same thing with the Mazda3.

I wish I could find her a Protege' with a manual with less than a bajillion miles

I don't even think I can get her another decent F-150 for the settlement check.
It was a Heritage (old body style) F-150 STX regular cab with a 4.2 and a manual. Pick-ups are hideously overpriced here. Settlement checks are not.
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Look for a Corolla or Civic and stay AWAY from the Suzuki brand.

I wish it was a legitimate Suzuki.

My Swift's powertrain was practically indestructible. The ride and handling was terrible, the seats were uncomfortable, and the body was made of tinfoil but, the chassis and powertrain were solid. The Forenza is a Daewoo.

Maybe I can find an SX4 for that price. Civics at that price have more than double the mileage and have often been modified poorly.
I maintain one for a lady, a 2007 Forenza and while its a pretty sharp looking car and not bad inside - it is junk. I've replaced the range sensor, 2 airbag sensors, the central locking system drains the battery so she said disable it, alternator replaced, head gasket, the coolant bottle nipple broke off (part in stock and they sell 3 a week says the dealer), and so many more nickel and dime stuff. The car has 80k miles and has had more problems than cars with 180k.

The car is junk.
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Known here as the Daewoo Lacetti, and rebadged as the Holden Viva. They are an absolute pile of poo, wouldn't put my mother into one, or my worst enemy for that matter. Didn't know Suzuki also put their name on them - that's just sad. You're on the right track though if you can find a real, Japan-built Suzuki, like the SX4 you mentioned.
Who paid for the settlement, your mom's insurance or the other party's insurance? Who was at fault?

If she's already "Settled", this may relieve the other party from future payments.

You may need to call an attorney! Just because your mom's vehicle wasn't worth a lot(enough) of money, doesn't mean that she should have to settle for so little money that she can't get another suitable vehicle.

I am no lawyer so, I may have this all completely wrong. It's just my layman's way of thinking!

This sounds similar:
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It's not a bad car for somebody who can turn wrenches especially considering how affordable they are for the miles and the make year.

Automatics'ZF 4HP16" are more reliable than the manual transmission gear box"D20" which is the Daewoo version of the Getrag F20.But they are plagued with the transmission range sensor,$30 part, which goes out once every 2 years give or take.

I'd not hesitate to buy one for the right price.
Maybe go with a more mainstream odd car? PT Cruiser? Can't be too much more than a Forenza. Or I suppose the newest Neon you can find? $1-2k in savings on the Daewoo can get burned up pretty quick if she has to take it to a mechanic often.
How much is this prospect. Just curious on her budget range.

Is this one cheap enough to be throw away if it does break enough? They are worthless and relatively difficult to sell.
I'm not sure what the point of those were. Poor quality Daewoos ... that weren't even priced that cheaply when they were new.

And if the timing belt was changed more than a month ago, it's probably due again.
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