Supertech ST16 cut open 3K Miles

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Jun 1, 2004
This filter was in service for about 3000 miles on my Dakota using Supertech 5w30 conventional oil. I replaced it with a Fram PH16 and more Supertech 5w30. I think it looks great and will have no issue using a Supertech filter in the future.
Yes the anti-drainback valve felt very soft and pliable. This filter sits at a slight angle off the block and I've never had any start-up noise on any filter.
I have used them once in a while with good results. A decent low end filter for the money.
Looks good and like it got the job done. Imo these are a decent 3-5k mi. fci filters for <$3. I prefer the ST applications with separate dome bypass, but when run for their intended fci all should be fine. Thanks for c&p.
I have used the Napa Silver clone of this filter many times on the Jeep with good results, they looked just like yours when cut as well. The media is typically brittle and easy to damage with a tool or finger, yet I have never seen one compromised by oil flow or time on an engine.
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