SuperTech Motor Oil,Different?

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Mar 19, 2004
I have been using the SuperTech oil for quite some time now.I do the 3 month/3,000 mile oil changes so it seems to do pretty well.
It seems that since the ST has changed to the new bottles,it has cleaned the oil dipstick on my car much better than it did in the past.
I know that it was mentioned recently that Exxon/Mobil was possibly the new supplier of the base stock for the ST.Could this be the reason that it is cleaning better?
As I said,I have been using the ST for some time now and the dipstick was never this clean.
This only happened since I changed my oil 550+ miles ago with the new ST.
Has anyone else noticed any changes or found any more info regarding the ST oil?
Wouldn't a cleaner dipstick mean less detergency? I have ST 10w30 from the new bottles in there now, I'll check-- but given the recent oil change price hike it'll probably be PZ from now on.
A cleaner dipstick would mean that it has more and or better detergency or it may be more of a group one basestock.Goup one is solvent refined.It just seems that the now oil is cleaning better.
Here's my rationale for equating a dirty dipstick with more detergency.

What's on the dipstick isn't the same as sludge or varnish, it's oil. Oil that's more detergent picks up and holds dirt in suspension.

I think this has been discussed before and I may have been taking the opposite tack at that time but I'm too lazy to do a search.
I am using Wally SuperTech 10-30 dino. However, I plan to switch to SuperTech Sync 5-30.

Any one have any any idea how ST Synn performance?? Did anyone do any UOA on this stuff?


The dipstick is now cleaner than it was in the past.The varnish that was on the disptick is gone.The ST that is out now has cleaned better than the old.My car also seems to be using much more oil with the new ST than the old.It has never used this much oil this quick.It has only been in for around 600 miles and I have already replaced close to a half quart.I usually ad very little between changes,maybe a half quart total in 3 months or 3,000 miles.
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