Superplug ?

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Dec 10, 2002
I just received my superplug and took a look at the included washer. It looks and feels like thick cardboard. [Confused] I know there are a few members here who use this plug. I was wondering if any of you have had problems with the washer? I emailed superplug about this but haven't received a response yet. I'm a little wary of using this thing if the washer is going to disintegrate over time. Has anyone had any problems with it? I've had magnetic plugs on previous vehicles but not one that is touted to perform as well as this one, so I really want to use it.
Got one on the bike and one on a Saturn. Seems like the one on the car has the hard paper type washer and it seems fine. Nice choice on the plug I am very happy with them. Cost a lot but is very strong and I always find a bit on them usually mostly black "stuff" that has to be removed with a cloth. Wish both vehicals were build to these fine standards. [Wink]
Take the Superplug to your local autoparts store and get your choice of gasket--aluminum, copper (but maybe not for a cast aluminum oil pan), nylon, good fitting fiber, or neoprene-inserted steel. (I'm not sure the copper crushes enough with the tightening torque for an aluminum pan, but maybe it's OK.) Anybody need a Superplug with a 3/4-16 thread? Contact me. Ken
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