Suitable distributor cam grease?

Jul 13, 2003
Tracy, CA
The only stuff I ever used was Delco-Remy grease. There was a tube that my father kept on his engine scope. In +45 years, I only saw one new tube there.

Sep 30, 2017
Vancouver, BC Canada
I still have a tube of the following. Use it for my VW van + my Guzzi (latter has two sets of points, but only a single cam lobe... for its Fiat 126 Magneti Marelli points).


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Nov 27, 2012
I always heard the Bosch stuff that was about $50/tube was the gold standard, but as best as I can tell it's been discontinued.

I use this,automotive,74&sr=1-4

As said, this may be the only tube you ever buy as you really only need a tiny amount of it.

This is definitely an application where you don't want to just toss any grease on there, or for that matter use too much of the right grease, as if it flies off and lands who knows where, you can cause electrical issues and potentially gum up the advance mechanism.

BTW, I use what I like to think is an ideal trade-off. I still have points and a condensor in my distributor, but they trigger a Winterburn capacitive discharge unit. I get a stronger, hotter, and more reliable spark, but the points really only do have a small amount of current and ~12V going through them, not the ferocious high current 300V+ arcing from standard ignition, so the rubbing block wears faster than the contacts on the points. If the system gives me issues or I just want to rule something out, a switch(built into the CDI box) lets me set it to Kettering-type ignition. I can also switch the ignition off completely from under the hood, which is handy both when I'm working on the car and also, even though I don't use it this way, could be an anti-theft device.
I could easily convert this car to Duraspark II by just buying a distributor for a 76 F250 with a 360 or 390 but the distributor I have is brand new and I have the centrifugal advance setup just right. Thought about pertronix, but haven't had very good results with them in the past. I used to have a Crane HI6 CDI box I could hook up to it and run with the points but I can't find where the thing ran off to. Probably the same black hole my tube of points cam grease went into. I bought 2 tubes of the stuff off that ebay link I had posted that I found, should be several lifetimes worth of it for me. It's funny, that car in my avatar/profile pic is my fastest starting and hardest running car, and it has stock points ignition. It can sit for 7-10 days, give it about 4 pumps of the gas, 1 revolution average and it's running. No complaints there! I guess in this situation if it ain't broke, don't fix it.