STP Oil Filters = Engine Failure??

Aug 2, 2018
South Carolina
My coworker is an ex Nissan tech and he told me a story about how a lot of Nissan's had to get their engines replaced after using an STP oil filter.

He told me that something about the baffling inside the filter(?) would starve the Nissan engines of oil and cause them to fail.

Of course I am skeptical because I used STP filters on my Honda for years with no problems.

I have attached a picture of an STP S6607 next to one of my OEM Nissan filters and the holes on the bottom of the STP are indeed considerably smaller than the Nissan filter. Now I am wondering if perhaps there was some truth in his story.

If I were to run the STP filter on my Pathfinder would it cause any problems or am I worrying about nothing?
I used a stp filter on my brother's Nissan sentry and 10 years later it's still running strong.