Storage drive change - windows

Apr 13, 2017
Hey folks:

I posted before on this - but figured a new thread was better.

I have a two drive system - one for the OS and executables (C), and another for storage (D).

The storage drive was about full, so I added a new storage drive (F), and was able to clone the existing D to the new F.

To avoid having to change program mappings (like Itunes), is it as simple as disconnecting the old D and changing the "new" larger drive name to D?

Thanks all - my google searches seemed to only apply to a single drive scenario.
Aug 28, 2017
near Cincinnati, OH
I know nothing about Itunes (that's DRM related), so yes for many purposes it would be as simple as changing the driver letter, though software has the ability to identify volumes by a unique device ID also. I would only expect that issue with DRM guarded content, not just apps and data files.

However if you were ever to plug the old drive back in, then you have a potential conflict since windows already assigned the old drive to D:. I would instead set the old drive to a new letter like E: (or G:, etc, whatever is available) then switch new drive to D:.