Stihl FS45 String Trimmer Feed Issues

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
I bought the trimmer in 2007. I'm having issues with the line not feeding automatically. I have to take it apart & pull the line out every time = not fun. I've used two sizes of line - green 0.080" & orange 0.095". The only difference is I don't have to stop the trimmer as often with the orange b/c it is thicker & stronger. Note that it's not wound wrong or too tight. The shaft gets hotter than what I think it should. Unfortunately, I don't have an IR gun to give exact temp though. It seems to have gotten worse. It's a angle head so I assume the gear there is getting too hot transmitting the heat to the line since it is sticky when I take it apart & pull it through. What lube should I use? Any other ideas? I'm afraid that I'm going to find the gears are ground to dust & need replacing. Just a cheap trimmer? It is Stihl's lowest trimmer. I have ~ 8 hours run time on it. Thanks.
I have one that need the string wrapped just right or it won't feed out. Did you buy pre-wrapped spools or are you wrapping them.
I'm wrapping myself. The first few years I had no real issues. 2010 it was pretty annoying. 2011 it reached the breaking point where I now have to do something about it.
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I bought the trimmer in 2007. I'm having issues with the line not feeding automatically.
The line doesn't feed automatically, you have to tap it on the ground. lol j/k You know that smile It sounds like you are experiencing line weld. Try spraying some tri-flow or equivalent spray lube all over the line just as you put it all together, that lets it slide by itself and cures that problem.
Weird. My Dad has had the same trimmer for years and never had this issue. Have you tried taking it to a Stihl retailer?
I agree with hate2work. I have a Stihl FS 56 with auto-feed head. Made a mistake and bought a bulk roll of line trimmer. More than enough to last multiple seasons. The plastic line on the roll seems to "age" and get less flexible over the years. I have jamming and feed problems also. I spray with silicone and it seems to help. OPE equipment tech that lives nearby, agrees that line ages even unused. Joe
Unless you just can't live without a bump feed head, I would swap it out for a head that allows you to just stick two six inch pieces in and go. When they get worn down, just stuck some new pieces in. This method is nice because you can still use bulk line cut to length.
You mention the shaft getting hot and possible gear damage, I believe that the gears are greaseable. (I know they are on mine) The sales person recommended every 3 months (probably a little excessive depending on use) so that might be worth a try if you have never done it. Also, Oregon (and possibly others) make string with wire in it, it might help it last longer at least if you can't get it to feed...
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