Sticking injectors GDI Jaguar F-Type

Feb 15, 2003
Jupiter, Florida
I recently purchased a Supercharged V6 3.0L, Jaguar F-Type. The engine is well known for having the injectors stick wide open. And it's generally difficult to remove the injectors, so people change all 6, when one fails.

I started thinking about why they might stick open and while it's generally thought to be debris from the high pressure fuel pump, maybe a fuel additive could reduce or eliminate the risk of a sticking injector.

Any thoughts on what additive might help? I was thinking something like STP 5 in 1, with PEA and fuel system lubricant.

Here is the injector puller, a slide hammer!


The question really is what is causing them to stick..

If it’s really debris from an HPFP, then the question shifts to why is the HPFP coming apart? Then, why do we think that PEA or any other cleaner is going to help it?

Id argue (and do this in practice) that if HPFP health is of interest, then a light dose of TCW-3 2-stroke oil, MMO, or something else like that is in order. If the HPFP is wearing and shedding debris, then you need to address wear in the HPFP.

In my 135i, if I run too much or too often with tcw-3, the exhaust tips get sooty. I run it when the car will sit longer times, and avoid it when I know I’ll burn a lot of fuel. Then I run si-1 or similar.
Carbon from the cylinder finds its way into the nozzle and depending on the amount of valve overlap it can actually burn the filters right out of the injector (another case for stainless filters). On very long ones like this and some BMW models it can get so far up inside the ultrasonics cant reach it.
You can prevent a lot of issues with the Redline SI-1, it will not remove carbon and junk off the intake valves but it can add life to the injectors.
I think using any quality brand pea fuel injection cleaner along with a long drive with RPMs anywhere from 3 to 4500 for a while along with the fuel system cleaner should help. Automobiles need heat.