Steak Knife Recommendation

Sep 18, 2018
Kern Co. California

I am in the market for a proper set of steak knives. After winning a while ago on a chefs knife, I thought I would see what is recommended for steak knives, what should I look into?

Thank you!
1972 Arrowhead. Still supported in Tampa.
Since my wife bought these BEFORE we were married, they have been excellent. The steel in the blades was only available from Japan. The handles were made from wood only available in Scandanavia. I think all the trees have since been destroyed by the government.
Even though I'm serious about this above, I know you can't find them anymore unless you get them in a thrift store. They came complete with wooden wall mounted display cases.

So, whatever you decide to get, just don't put them in the dishwasher. It's hard on the blades as well as the handles.
Many people go with serrated blades when buying steak knives. While they are good for cutting tough meat they tear up soft meat when a straight edge blade would be more appropriate. You'll have to sharpen the straight blade more frequently.
Maybe Alec Baldwin can provide some guidance:

First prize- Cadillac Eldorado
Second prize- set of steak knifes
Third prize- your fired

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Budget, up to $200

These below are also a great priced for a forged knife, but made in China rather than Germany

Wife got some "hells kitchen" branded knives and they cut steak like butter. A non serrated blade you should run against steel regularly to keep an edge.

I bought a version of this for $30 when I first bought our house 20 years ago. I thought, just get these for not and upgrade later..... well I have no complaints and use them a lot. I a BBQer and slicing steak, porkchops, turkey carving, etc is a breeze. the ONLY issue I ahve with them is sharpening them is a PITA. I use a V type carbide sharpener (Accusharp) and carefully drag the blade through it. The highest spots get dull not the troughs so no need to worry about getting down there. Just drag it across about 5 times with medium pressure and its sharp again. The bread knife is a straight edge and I used it a lot for dicing fruit and veggies as well as slicing brisket. I can put a sharp edge on that one since it is straight.

Not going to wow your friends but non will complain about the knife sawing through the meat unless you are a very bad cook. :)
First question...serrated or straight? For me a steak knife is serrated.
I would have thought that, but then we ended up with a half-dozen straight-edged (i.e. like a normal knife) steak knives as wedding presents, and I prefer them.

These knives are the ones we got. I suppose they might not be awesome relative to serrated ones if you're eating tough steaks, but they're great on non-leathery ones. Plus they can be resharpened and made as good as new at home.