Starter with a flat spot

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Sep 22, 2007
The OC
My 2007 Mark LT has a flat spot or delay when I start the truck right at the first turn of the key. It starts fine but is this a sign of trouble?
It sounds like a dead or flat spot when you first start the truck. 72k miles. No issue with battery, Sears Platnum and no connections corroded on the battery. How do i test the starter with a button remote? I don't have remote start. Thanks for the input!
What Trav means is get the starter motor to turn by using a wire from battery positive to the starter solenoid signal wire. They sell a "button starter" tool which is two long wires attached to a momentary switch or you can do it with long jumper cables. It's to remove variables between the key and the starter solenoid (faulty ignition switch, ECU, etc.) If the starter is accessible, remove it and get it tested at a starter rebuilder shop and see if they can duplicate the issue on the test bench. I had something similar happened to my Toyota Tundra V8 (yes the dreaded UZ engine) and the solenoids were [censored] out intermittently. Because it's a shared vehicle I replaced the whole starter as a precaution.
Exactly. Its just an inexpensive tool to remove everything else out of the equation. Nothing like throwing parts at something just to find out you wasted money. We used them years ago to bump the starter looking for crank timing marks. It also makes a good momentary switch for testing things electrical. This is just one but you could probably make one from stuff at Radio shack.
My timing light has a bump starter switch. I wonder how many idiots have hooked the alligator clips up to battery positive and negative, and pulled the trigger...
Thanks for the input. Another reason to think it might be in the ignition is that sometimes when I start the truck, the ignition with the key in it doesn't back off to the start position easily. It will stay in the forward starting position until you help it back off. I've been told that to many keys/weight on the ignition switch might be the cause of that. Maybe this is the cause. I'll get a start button and see.
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