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Feb 3, 2014
hi everyone

1-I have 3 oils what are the best

Mobile1 0w-40 VI 185 with this datasheet

Shell Helix 0w-40 VI 186 Ultra.pdf

shell Helix 10w60 VI 174

this link to calculate VI (to calculate VI for shell 0w-40)

2-If we said the most important physical characterestics is Viscosity Index & synthitec oils better than mineral oil I found mineral oil shell helix 10w-30 has VI 161 and semi-synthetic oil castrol magnatec has VI 14. does shell is better

Note: we know the degree of synthitec in semi-synthitec oil is 10%-30% so it may be 10% synthitec and the remainingpercentage is mineral so 10% is synthitec and 90% is mineral if we compare between 10 nad 90 there is a huge different so can we say they are similiar to each other but shell is better because the value of VI 161

shell 10w-30 datasheet

castrol 10w-40 datasheet$File/BPXE-9526XQ.pdf

3-I have crow victoria 2011 imported from USA I read in owner manuaal use 5w-20 but the weather in my area is too hot in summer tempreture is 55c what is better to use:the same viscosity or another one?

thank you
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With out application, hard to say what's best. Most likely the most cost effective, easy to source. Leaning toward one of the 0w-40's, but don't know your ambient operating temps.

Not sure I understand the 10w-30 question
You're saying that your summer temperatures are the equivalent of 131 degrees F. ?

The U.S. oils in 5W20/0W20 can handle the heat as the engines run waaaay hotter than that. But, any 0W40 should be sufficient.
Mobil delvac1 le 5w30 (overkill in my view)buy Mobil ep 0w20 and you should be fine the temperature range is insane .why 0w20 ?more group 4 in the 0w20
stay away from the 10w- 60.
Engine temperatures doesent change much with different outside
temps as long as the Engine doesent boil so ford´s rec aint to bad despite the high temps.
Where in Asia are you? Does it get cold there, below 0c?

The 10w-30 is fine in your Crown Vic. I see no reason to use 0w-40 or heavier unless it costs less.

Do You mean where I drive?in: the city in crowded streets, highways travelling between two cities, highlands or deserts?

Q2 I will explain it step by step:

We know:

I-The most important Physical properties (like pour poin or flash point) is VISCOSITY INDEX (VI)

II-synthitec oils better than mineral oil

III-Semi-synteitic oils are 10%-30% synthetic

IV-Depending on the previous point semi-sythetic are 70%-90% mineral

V-Depending on the previous two points semi-synthetic oils which are 10%-15% sythetic, they are 85%-90% mineral

VI-If we compare 10% to 90% it is nothing

VII-I have castrol magnatec semi sythetic 10w40 VI: 145 & shell helix h5 mineral 10w30 VI:161

So what is the better castrole or shell?why?(if we agnore fuel saving)

Char Baby: yes

ac_tc: why?

Bandito440: Middle East. few places or areas
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