Smoking Turkeys for Work Lunch


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Looking good. I like the setup, reminded me of my old weber bullet. I use a clay grill for smoking now but I couldn't fit that many turkeys if I tried.

For poultry I usually use apple and oak. I feel hickory is a little to strong
Its my first use. I like the vertical stack, i can fit more in, and the water pan works well, its just above the fire box entrance.

I like that it seems to cook evenly from the bottom rack to the top. Thats probably due to the water pan helping radiate the heat/steam more evenly.

I think if i did a brisket or ribs with out the waterpan. the lowest rack would be unusable.

I took 2 racks out to fit the turkeys in. It has 5 racks, i like that.

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Its easier to move about , and store in my shed. I may change the metal wheels to rubber though.

I don't like the firebox size. I think it needs to be a bit larger, perhaps longer.

The charcoal tray also takes some wiggling to get in place, but i only take it out to empty so its no big deal. It needs a support on the end of the charcoal tray. I might mig weld one in.

I like that the firebox has removable grates. After I cut up the turkeys, I put the wings and legs in for a bit of char.

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Overall it worked well. It was 30f when i started this morning.

How is the temp difference between ea

How bad is the temp difference between each grate?


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Not bad, the left side of the lowest grill seems hotter, right above the water pan where the smoke from the offset box enters.
With the chimney closed1/2 way the temp seems pretty even.


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Seriously I never soak the wood chunks... Setting them on the very periphery of the fire works just fine.

Not saying there's anything wrong with soaking them... Sure that certainly can be done.

I have just found that strategic placement works really quite good too.
As a child, I would watch my dad and grandfather when they would smoke meat. They would always soak the wood in water. It slows down the time it takes for the wood to burn. That's how I have been doing it since I was a teenager. My favorites are pecan, cherry, hickory, and apple.