Slant Six, what viscosity/brand oil?

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May 12, 2003
Los Angeles
I have a stock 70 Dodge Dart Swinger with a 225 Slant Six, only uprade is electronic ignition and better coil.

I drive in stop and go LA Traffic for 2 hours everyday. My car runs a little hot, 205 F. My valve lifters like to tap at start up also (clearances are fine). I presentaly use 20w-50 of whatever is on sale and either a Purolator or Bosch filter.

I stumbled across and realized I am probably not doing/using the right thing when it comes to my oil.

Oh Yeah, The coldest it gets here all year is maybe a few nights below 50 F, usually between 60-90 F, 2 months of the year it is over 95 F, but not consistently.

What do you all reccomend?

Try the Schaeffers Moly Bond 10w-40 or the 7000 Blend 15w-40. Try Auto-RX pre cleaning to prep engine. Use a AC oil filter or Wix. The thinner oil weight will lower temps and flow faster to quiet starts, The moly once taken up will help the hot spots also. Cutting heat and quieting operation.
LASwinger70,Almost forgot
If your car isn't using much oil, I'd go with the 10W30 Pennzoil dino oil the engine was designed for. The engine will run cooler using a lighter weight oil. If oil consumption is a problem you can go to a heavier weight, such as 10W40 or 15W40. I'd stick with a quality dino oil, though, not a synthetic. Just be sure to do regular oil changes.
I'm afraid that Sheaffer's is "unobtainium" here in LA. A much more available choice would be Chevron Delo or Shell Rotella 15W-40, available at Autozone, WalMart, etc. Dodge recommended 15W-40 or straight 30 for this climate in the '86 Ram Van owners manual. I use Delo in everything all year.
I ran a 225 in my Valient with SAE30 Valvoline. I had to change the timing chain at 160K miles and I sold it at 240K.
Try to get your temp down. The radiator in mine got beyond repair at 20yrs and a new one brought the temp down.

PS It now has over 320K and still runs fine. The new owner finally did a valve job.
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