Should I change the filter?

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Sep 17, 2007
My wife's 2003 CR-V has nearly 6k miles on the oil, which is M1 5w30 (great for our cold winter) and a Supertech filter.
I had intended to change the oil at the 6-month mark (for convenience), but note that the oil still looks (and smells) very fresh. I am impressed!

The recommended OCI for this car is 10k, but I am slightly worried about the Supertech filter...I'm not sure how well they hold up under extended OCI.

Should I change it?
The next round of filters will be Pure Ones.
Me I'd change the super Tech filter and use the Pure Ones for the extended use. JMO

Well, it's not a new car so you're not catching break-in material, I'd just leave it on there for a while. I'd probably change both the oil and filter around the 8k mark, then do your 10k OCI with M1 and the Pure One filter.
Hmm...yeah, the filter might be ok (I have had good luck with the Supertechs for 5k-6k miles)...but, it is fairly easy to change and the Pure One is inexpensive, so I think I might just change it. Peace of mind and all that.

I would think the filter would last no problem... Just a side note... You can't judge and oil by the smell or colour. While it may reveal some problems it doesn't tell you how "used" the additive package in the oil is or what the acidity of the oil is.

I have UOA's showing a spent oil that was still golden brown, and I have another one showing very dark/black oil that was suitable for continued use.

Drive Happy!
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