Shipping a large box overseas - am I OK?


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Dec 13, 2019
I do the customs forms online and print them out. But Thailand, not China.

I guess you've seen all the USPS info since you referred to the size restrictions. There are links to specific restrictions/requirements as you scroll down the page.
We looked into several of the US to Asia shipping firms (Google and local markets community boards) that cater to personal and gift shipments. For small stuff it wasn't worth the wait for us.

Customs on the other end can be high though. Depends on the country and contents of course.

Edit: I should add that though Thailand states personal gifts up to $2400 or so are exempt, they charge randomly. So $250 in gifts got whacked for $50 US in duty on the other end. I'm not saying that "officials" can be corrupt and randomly hold you hostage, but if it looks like Aliens....