Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 for LS3

Feb 9, 2022
I was looking through the Shell catalogue and saw what appears to be a high end oil that I can't find much information on: Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30. I'm wondering if there would be any advantage to using it in an LS3: port injection, no DPF etc. I currently use Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 which is MB 229.5 and Porsche A40 and is quite cheap, relatively speaking at $11/L.

The Rimula Ultra has high TBN at 12.9, thick for a 30 with KV100 of 12.2, SA at 0.95 so perhaps plenty of ZDDP? Inferring from the approvals that HTHS is >3.5 and as a HDEO should have good cleaning & AW capabilities.

Spec sheet here.

Any reason to use this over my current fill? It is the correct grade I suppose. I don't like to use Dexos 1G2 oils in this engine as they're usually only Grp II/III and the HTHS is well less than 3.5. Only asking because I can't find much on it and everyone loves a hidden gem :rolleyes:
I'd stick with the extended drain rated PCMO, it's going to be more suited to a gasoline engine, and if it's got the typical Rotella/Rimula CJ-4/CK-4 add package it'll have around 1100pm of phos and not much in terms of other anti-wear and friction modifier additives, I can't remember off the top of my head about PPE/SHU/QSE 5W-40 but I think it has around 1000ppm of phos and a decent amount of moly and boron additives