shelf life

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Oct 31, 2014
Do car wash soaps and detailing sprays have a shelf life? Is it ok to use ones that go a couple years old? Looking to stock up on some.
I suppose so but I would store them indoors. Since freezing temps could possibly mess them up. It also helps to shake them vigorously prior to use. Make sure the caps are secured and tight. Also shake them periodically when not in use. Should last many years.
I have various detailing items for over ten years in my garage. They are fine, just shake them prior to using as the previous poster suggested. Respectfully, Pajero!
I find paste waxes and simpler things like soaps and cleaners to be shelf-stable for a long time. Things like compounds and others that separate and require shaking before use even when fresh don't age well. They may still be usable, but don't mix, and subsequently, work as well as they do when fresh.
I keep all of my polishes/sealants/waxes inside all year, everything else stays outside. For me this is the best mix of convenience and preserving the more sensitive (and expensive) products.
today i used 15 YO Griot's machine polish, worked great. the replacement in a new bottle called correcting cream is almost DOUBLE the price, it better be a lot better if thats possible but prolly NOT!!!
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