Sefoamed my small B&S engine


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New Jersey
Well, not really. It went in the gas tank, not some breather. Still worked! Engine has been exhibiting a funny operation when mowing, seems like the governor was flaky or something. The pitch of the engine noise would change in a cyclic way. Kind of a "ree-oooh-ree-oooh" type cyclic sound. I keep stabilizer and a bit of MMO in my gas. Only buy small amounts, and try to run the equipment dry before the end of the season. Maybe it wasn't good enough. Added seafoam to the tank and this cycling has gone away. Seems to me that this is good advice for OPE in general before an oil change, no? Are there things to be concerned with, like seafoam dissolving the plastic lines or primer bulb rubber? If not, why not? Discuss for OPE.