Schaeffer's 131 in coolant?

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Aug 4, 2002
Just out of COMPLETE curiosity, would it be safe and/or beneficial to use some 131 in the coolant system RIGHT before a system flush? I keep hearing how good and versatile this stuff is and I was planning on getting a cooling flush this week. I sort of slack in this department and was thinking something this strong for a short time would clear any gunk in the system. But my concerns are the Pressure, high temp, and THE gunk. Could it clean too well as to maybe clog the system. Would it attack the head gasket, hoses, etc? Has anyone ever asked or hand a more stupider suggestion?? Bud
It's been asked before so you're not the first. I have a rep down south that stated one of his customers did that. He stated he never heard of any problems BUT... I will not suggest it as I myself have no idea for sure the reactions that would or could occur. So, no, don't use it for that.
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