Safety Kleen anti freeze

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Dec 2, 2011
Hello gentlemen, and has anyone here ever used the Khameleon Safety Kleen anti freeze in their cars? At my work we use it in everything. I dont know if it will damage cooling systems in honda/toyotas and or asian cars. thank you all in advance adam vasbinder
It's supposed to be compatible with everything, but it turned a funky greenish brown when mixed with the Motorcraft Premium Gold/G-05 in the 6.0 Ford. I couldn't get a good answer from S-K on what was in it (diesel nitrites, etc.), so I had them get it out of there!
Yeah, at my fleet workplace we use it in everything. Havent experienced any cooling problems at work so to speak. Thanks for the advice Bullwinkle. adam
If the G05 isn't completely out of the system most coolants will cause residual brownish color. If your switching from straight G05 to another you need to drain the block and remove ALL old coolant. Ditching the G05 is the best thing you can do for the 6.0. your oil cooler will love ELC
The weird thing is the S-K Khameleon AF is supposed to take on the color of & be compatible with ALL antifreeze formulas-and it obviously isn't. I'm with you on the ELC-if it was my van and not the company's it would be in there. I've just been having it flushed every 40-50K or so, and at 251K the cooling system has been hanging in there OK (wish I could say that for the rest of the van, though!).
Just had this put in my '06 GTO, with the original Death-cool taken out. Owner said it's top of the line. (?) LOL
I don't know about "top of the line" but safety kleen products are very good. I would definitely trust them.
I can safely say that they are "darn good" as we use nothing but their products at my work. My brother still has the DEX COOL in his 05' gto with around 80k on it. no problems
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