Running Mac OS X on My PC

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Dec 2, 2003
Metro Detroit
If you would've asked me a year ago if I thought it would ever be possible to run a Mac OS on a PC, I would have told you to jump in a lake. As it is, my coworker brought this disk in to install OS X on a PC. Lo and behold, it worked. Amazing. I don't know what I think of it yet, but I already don't like the fact that I can't seem to go beyond 1024x768 resolution, even though all my hardware supports it. Oh well. Just thought I'd share.
I don't want it That bad. It will be for experimentation only. Once I succeed installing, I will probably not use OS X.
I thought Apple had some kind of harware detected that made sure it was being installed on a Mac?
You can fudge an OSX install on many non-Apple PC's with Darwin, Open BSD (or was it Free BSD?) and lengthy installation instructions. I guy I know gave me a set of discs, but never did try it though. Not in the mood to deal with that. LOL Heck, I'm just happy getting SuSE Linux 10.1 to work A-OK on my laptop.
If only I could get my hands on an OS X installation disc for free. I have been itching to try and have both OS X and WinXP on my PCs.
The installation disk I got was completely packaged as a single DVD-ROM. The only hiccups I ran into were that you have to boot single user mode after the install, run fdisk and set the partition active and you have to install a few select patches, which is part of the customization of the OS features, to support PC's. It was actually quite simple besides that.

I thought Apple had some kind of harware detected that made sure it was being installed on a Mac?

what hardware would that be? they use the same hardware as any other PC, it's just a different brand of PC.

thought DVD's and CD's were not meant to be copied either? video games? time fixes all.
The OS actually did work rather well. I'm not using it any more, though. It was more a matter of curiosity than anything else. Besides, MacOS lacks the challenge I like to see when I'm trying out a new OS. Everything is kind of just there for you. Where's the fun in that?
so there you have it.

the mac is an odd one, everything laid out, one mouse button. no need for the mouse really, they should just make the screen a touch screen so you can just point at itunes for music, point at imovie, point at whatever you want to do - would make for a great home theater pc
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