Review- ORCISH 70Pcs Tire Repair Kit, Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit Flat Tire Repair Kit Tire Patch Kits Puncture Repair Kit (70pcs)


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Purchased the ORCISH 70Pcs Tire Repair Kit, Heavy Duty Tire Plug Kit Flat Tire Repair Kit Tire Patch Kits Puncture Repair Kit (70pcs), for about $30 on Amazon.
Kept this tire repair kit in the garage. The kit was new in a sealed box.

Yesterday, fresh off an auto transport trailer from South Carolina to Washington state, I noticed a near flat right rear tire on my 2005 S500. Put the pressure gauge on the tire, 5lbs or pressure. A few minutes of inspecting the tire found a nail in the tire, near the firewall. Also noticed the right rear tire is near bald. The tire is less than a year old, Bridgestone. The S500 with staggered tires, 18" goes through rear tires like crazy- I have no idea why.

Pulled out the kit, did a visual inspection, typical Chinese stuff. The last time I plugged a tire myself was likely fall of 1982, when I worked part time in a service station. When I went to pull the nail out, quickly discovered the kit supplied pliers were junk. After a few minutes I was able to remove the nail, but if one buys this kit I strongly suggest swapping out the pliers with a quality replacement.

The rest of the kit worked just fine. With the tire being worn, I imagine some shops would not fix the tire. And this tire size is likely not in stock at many tire shops, so the kit was great to have on hand. And I did not have to wait at a shop on a Saturday.

Immediately after plugging the tire, I drove the S500, 300 miles round trip to Portland to pickup a replacement tail gate for my F350. No issues with the plug/ tire.

I not only recommend this kit, I think it might be worthwhile to keep a kit in every vehicle you own.
Pretty sure no tire shop would have plugged that, it's outside the last tread division. Might be OK, might eventually tear a belt.
So glad to have the kit. Likely that tire would not be in stock at 99% of tire shops. Saturday afternoon likely too late for the warehouses supplying tire shops to deliver. So, the car would be out of commission until sometime on Monday.

I drove the car 300 miles immediately after plugging the tire with confidence. Maybe not wise as per your post, but I didn't fear the tire reaper with the plug.
That's a small screw. I wouldn't worry about belt damage.
Looks good to go.
I would put the cords into baggies. They tend to dry over time.
Thanks for the suggestion on putting the cords in a baggie to prevent dry rot!
I just did a search on Amazon, it looks like the mushroom type repair kits are hard to find. Only finding the strip repair for the most part.
I guarantee when the Pilgrims sailed to Plymouth Rock the Mayflower's systems were way more suspect than a tire with a rope plug. My prii have no spares, just an inflator, so I added rope plug kits and diagonal cutters to both trunks.
I have a very similar kit in my car. Have used it several time and it works fine. Might want to check on your glue though - it tends to dry out over time too. I keep the glue in a sandwich bag, and the "ropes" in another bad in the kit. Works really well and has saved me or my kids more than once.

The glue makes a great lube to get the patch in the tire and it drys quickly. I also use a cordless drill and drill bit to make sizing the hole easier.