Rental Review- 2020 Chevy Colorado

Easton, PA
the colorado is a good midsize BUT for THOUSANDS LESS i can buy a Frontier, BUT i see the newest ones with the new unproven direct injected engine are not as cheep as the proven 4.0 from the past!!
Ya but the Frontier isn't exactly an eye turner or up to date. Looked at several used ones before getting the Colorado. The interior was ok back in 2002 not today. To date I have no issues with DI in the Colorado,, runs just great.
Central NY
26-27 mpg is a dream of mine. I assume it’s a 2wd truck?

My Tacoma 4 cyl sees 22 highway on a good day. Right now nothing more than 19 with it being in 2wd. I was cross shopping the GMC Canyon and Ford Ranger when I purchased my Tacoma. It ultimately came down to long term reliability and depreciation. Seeing the track record for the previous gen Colorado trucks is depressing. They’re practically worthless these days. Plus the new Colorado/canyon apparently had some transmission issues that GM never officially fixed but just remedied for the MY 19 and up. I’ll pass on that. The Ford Ranger was a very close pick. About everything was perfect but I couldn’t find any extended cabs locally. Plus Ford advises against plowing with them. Not a deal breaker for me as I don’t have a plow on my Tacoma either, but as a long term utility vehicle I rather leave that option open.