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Nov 22, 2003
Central America
Hi all,

I am trying to find a way to adapt an Amsoil BMK-23 kit to my car/engine (Toyota 4Runner 3liter Turbo Diesel).
Problem: About all kits/adapters/nuts I can find go to M22x1.5.
My engine uses M24x1.5

see also:

I can't believe that the Toyota 1KZ-TE engine would be the only one using this kind of filter (M24x1.5) - as a fact, a member of this forum even sent me two Luberfiner filters to test against the OEM filter a long time ago (Still need to cut them open ...).

Question1: What other engines use the M24x1.5 filter thread?

Question 2: Any solution to be able to adapt the BMK-23 kit?

- Do you know of an adapter that fits?
- Any CNC owners that can produce a adapter/retainer nut (for an affordable price....)?
- Anything!

Thank you for your time!


PS1: No, other Amsoil kits do not have the adapter nut either.
PS2: Amsoil "cannot" procure a one-off adapter...
See if the threaded is part of a larger cast assembly ..or is in fact a "nipple". If it screws out, the internal thread may be different.

It may be big enough to re-thread to something like a 3/4-16.

Check with the parts man to see if it has a part number.

You can always use the pressure tap point method ..retuning to the pan or valve cover ...banjo bolt on the drain plug.
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