Redline Oil Because GC Is not Available

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May 1, 2003
I finaly broke down and ordered my winter oil. I have been looking for GC ever since it was talked about. So far all I can find is the old yellow lable 0W30. So I just ordered some Redline 5W40 from the Redline site sponsor. Do not forgett to mention BObistheoilguy when you send in your order! If enough people mention Bob's site they will become a permanet sponor. They also give all members a discount$$ I decided to run this through the winter and then go for UOA once it warms up again!! I am going to let the first Redline OCI clean out the garbage left behind from break-in and my dino oil. The second OCI will be the one I take a UOA of. I will have my next oil change as base line. Currently my new car has less then 4000 total miles and 3000 on the oil and is 3 months old. I expect the Redline to do better then the dino oil that is in it right now. Seeing how there has been so much debate about Redline I thought I would go ahead and start running it to get some more UOA of it. The way I figure it we have 22 members running German Castrol. It would be nice to get some of the members to run Redline two or three times then sample for UOA! Consider it a group experimant!
Greetings, Redline 5w-40? I dont see it in their list of motor oils. (Website that is). I am very curious about Redline oils. There has been so much controversy over UOAs. It sounds like maximum wear protection with modest drain interval so far. Good luck, EBC
Cool, sounds good. I'm still exploring the option of using Redline sometime. Its just not worth it in a Toyota Corolla. [Big Grin] I have been using Mobil 1 and will continue most likely until my next car. Then I will decide whether Redline is worth it. By then, we should have enough UOAs to determine this. It is the best built oil you can buy in terms of specs. [Cheers!] [ September 18, 2003, 08:54 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Sprintman I doubt that Auto-Rx is really needed. The first dose of Redline will have all winter to clean up this new engine if their is any cleaning needed! I changed the oil 2 times dureing the initial break-in. I just thought that someone has to run this stuff to generate UOA results. All we see any more is Mobil-1, Schaffers,and Chevron Supreme! I have nothing to gain or loose. No matter how you slice it Redline is at worst a good synthetic oil! My wife and children will have the vechile dureing winter so it would not be fair to do UOA on it dureing winter as it will be sitting most of the time with short trips. In the warmer months I drive it and do all HWY driveing. This way I can compare the results to baseline wich is going to be 5 months on Chevron Supreme oil under like conditions. The way I figure it with such low millage my vechile should give consistent numbers due to clean engine enviroment! Just a guess though. IF my engine does not have alot of dirt it should elimanate the cleaning arguement from the UOA results? If I use a flush it would be something like LC due to cost control. Auto-Rx is just to pricey to waste on an engine this new!
If you search my username, I have posted 3 different Redline 5w-40 UOAs in the UOA forum. -Mike P
10-4 on that sprintman. I had one at 48. And another at 52. My boys are 3 and 6 now. Retirement is getting further away. Hey, that's good fodder for a new thread; "Does your oil hobby affect your retirement plans?"
Hey Sprintman, Just turned 47 and glad my kids are 21 (already out of home) and almost 18 yrs. Thats why my last car I could get a 2 door sports coupe.
Cool! Good to know they have the 5w40 (it's not on their website). How did you order it?...the 'contact us' button is not working for me. I was thinking of switching both cars to 5w40, instead of 10w30 in the GTP and 10w40 in the 325is.
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