Quickbooks and quickbooks alternative?


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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
If you have <ten tenants and <ten units and you are worried about $12.00 a month for an easy to use
accounting software I sure do hope you don't run into any real unexpected expenses.
I use QBooks for a retail Biz that does 7 figures and I have 2 rental units under a separate corp.
Both on the same QB application.
Penny wise.........

Vast difference between penny wise pound foolish, and buying something that I don’t really need.

Ive admitted quite readily that I don’t know what I need. Currently excel is fine, but I also don’t know what I’m missing.

My FIL uses quick books for his multiple 7-figure businesses, but his transactions, payroll, etc is so much more complex than mine.

Im not opposed to anything. But at the same time, I don’t need to bring a sledgehammer to drive a finishing nail…
Dec 7, 2012
I use an old piece of software. Still runs fine on Windows 10. Called Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Express. It is free.

It requires SQL server express 2005 to run which it does install. Windows 10 likes to balk that the version has compatibility issues. But I’ve never found any. However, you can do an inplace upgrade to SQL Express 2014 x86 which works well with it and is supported under windows 10.

It’s also nice cause you then do have access to your actual data if you ever wanted or had a need for custom reporting.
Sep 7, 2012
Birmingham, Alabama
I am a sole proprietor of my own land surveying side business. I used Turbo Tax Self Employed for 3 years and paid the 12$ a month for the service because it’s supposed to import everything over into Turbo Tax when I file my tax returns. I had to call support every year because some thing would always get messed up on the import into Turbo Tax.

Last year when I called support, I talked to an accountant that advised me to simply track mileage, income and expenses by category and just manually enter the data into Turbo Tax at tax time. I built a spreadsheet with different tabs to track everything such as expenses, mileage and income and we will see how that goes this year. I found that I prefer the spreadsheet to the Self Employed software for data entry. I have saved my spreadsheet on my Microsoft One Drive account and can access it from my desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone at any time. Self Employed just seemed clunky at times and was a hassle.
Apr 27, 2012
I used to use Quicken Rental property manager but it's now Quicken home and business. It's on sale now for $63 on Quicken's website. I just use one bank account for all expenses and income and put all that in categories and the print out an income/expense report at the end of the year and give it to my accountant.
Jul 11, 2015
New England
I use google sheets per year since 2005 for a six figure LLC consulting company. Tab for invoices , taxes , expenses(with categories) and mileage.

Software is because accounting person wants to import data.