Quick Use Type Paint Products

May 25, 2005
I like to think that I(we) have contributed to helping the large market(that I am a HUGE fan of) that the NEW quick detail type products have now taken over. Like ceramic and graphene etc.

20-something years ago, I discovered these types of quick use(detail) products and fell in love with their ease of use and versatility. Versatility in that you could use them in different ways and the products came in spray can, pump spray or squeeze/pour type bottles/containers.

1) being as a stand alone product to shine your paint after washing & drying
2) to be used as a drying type product(wax as you dry your vehicle)
3) can be used on gloss paint(of course), flat black, grained plastics, chrome and even glass :)
4) some could even be used(claimed) as an interior dressing & tire dressing as well

However, I was finding many products that didn't seem to make it in the market place and were heavily discounted/discontinued on store shelves for $1 or $2 and would almost become difficult to find elsewhere. So, therefor, I'd buy up the shelf thus having a stash of these many products in my collection similar to an oil or filter stash. A lot of these products were from closeout stores such as BigLot's and OLLIE's and were brands I've never heard of but they did the trick. The product didn't last long but the paint looked brilliant until the next washing.

Now there are so many new quick use products that put the old ones to shame. Where the old "quick use" product would only last a few car washes, these new ones now last a few months all the way to about 1 year. And the shine, durability & longevity is amazing without the hassle or even worry of what part of the vehicle you got the product on...like being concerned of careless of wax(regular wax) on flat black of grained moldings or trim. NO MORE WORRIES!

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I personally expect the spray waxes to be proven adequate and even superior since I just bought a tin of hi temp past wax and have used it twice so it can’t be returned..😎🙃😎
I still prefer the traditional wax over a lot of these new quick waxes for maximum protection. The only “quick” spray I really like and it’s Turtle Seal N Shine.

If I remember right even 10 years ago the quick waxes were completely inferior to the lowest end wax of today. I still have half a bottle of ArmorAll Butter Smooth Wax. The ease of application is there but durability is about 1 rain shower and it’s all gone. CG butter wet wax and similar waxes do still serve their purpose. IMO the glow/depth of a carnauba wax still beats any synthetic/carnauba infused wax on the market.
I just bought some TW S&S in April '21 and have used it on my other DD vehicles with other products in between.

I used to have some "butter" type of waxes and I can't for the life of me, remember their brand name.
The only time I used them was on the Firebird(black paint) before a car show just to get that little extra depth in the paint. Maybe it'd help me get a trophy in my "class". Otherwise the butter wax(as you mention) is not very durable.

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I just nabbed a bottle of EO Nano spray wax from Amazon for under $5 shipped. Gonna use it as a topper on my Stang.
Regular wax is making a small comeback. TW introduced a wax and so did Gyeon. But to your point, yes, these new products are superior in almost every way unless you prefer the look of a "wax".

Even easier than the spray wax/detailers, are the spray rinse products like Gyeon Wet Coat.