Question for M1 users

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Aug 14, 2002
Kissimmee/Orlando, FL
Does your oil seen to get darker after ~1000miles? Like from the normal amber color to a dark brown? I've run M1 10w30 80%-90% of the time on my past 2 cars and I always noticed it would start to get darker after I put 1000-1200 miles on the oil. My father also runs the same oil in his truck and he noticed the same thing so I always assumed it was normal. The blend was always 10w30 TriSyn or whatever formula they ran before that. Now at my last oil change I went with some M1 SS 10w30 and ~950mi later it still amber colored. It looks like I just poured it out of the bottle? Basically my question is what causes the oil to darken and why am it not seeing it anymore with the SuperSyn? Thanks!
When I ran Trisyn it would darken very quickly (1000 miles). Now that I'm running Valvoline Maxlife, my oil is STILL honey colored and I've got 3,000 miles on it. Not to mention the Valvoline pours in clear like water [Smile]
In my '92 Suburban, the M1 10W30 SS oil has remained an amber color for 2k, but turned dark in my Nissan Frontier at 2.5k. I just replaced Spark Plugs in the Nissan and I think I know why. The cylinder gasses must be lean and hot since the spark plugs are showing a very lean, hot burning red stain on the ceramic surrrounding the tip element. The plugs in the Burb show a lean, but cooler burning pattern.
Did you go to a colder plug with the Nissan or stay with the same range with Winter coming on? Curious of how many miles you will run he oil before analysis?
Dragboat, Left the same heat range plugs in for winter. I have test results from Terry at 1.4K and another being sent to Terry for 3.5k. 3.5k is the max mileage for now until I reach the OOW point at 60,000. I am looking at ppm wear per 1k miles as my measure for the various oils being tested. I am really not interested in so-called extended drain intervals at this time for the Nissan.
I had the opposite happen. The SS 0W40 is getting darker quicker than the TS 5W30, but they may just be because it's thicker, so more sticks to the dipstick.
I think it is a function of the car. In the vehicles I service that don't use oil both the Tri and SS (10W-30) will stay amber for 5K+ miles.
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