Question about New Struts

Oct 20, 2005
Scruffy City
KYB as far as i have read over the years on here have been a solid choice until now in my thread..they are dogs.

KYB is fine. It is just that for a Ford the Motorcraft is probably a better match but what is done is done. They aren't dogs.

Even if i had an impact i would have to put a vice grip on the piston and i shouldnt have to do that after a shop installs it. There is a nut way up in there that you can only get to when the strut is off. There was no tag or warning saying to tighten the nut before install.. so i will see how it goes.

Not necessarily, I've had luck spinning a top nut on or off with an impact without holding the strut rod.
Mar 31, 2019
Brake pads can also make a clunk, see if one or more pads have worked loose in the caliper. You could also look into the sound isolating devices, Mr Kilmer just did a recent video where he talks about the price getting more affordable.

I did one swap of the complete strut assembly and one bearing plate recently, one had to have the wiper cowl off to see the top. Both I broke that nut loose while still on the vehicle so I didn't have to use the vice grip method. If it is accessible, you might want to try tightening it and see what happens, if it's loose enough to clunk, you might get it tight enough until it gets tightened to specs.


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Feb 16, 2009
In case this happens to someone else- My issue was solved at the garage.

I checked every bolt at home, all were tight.

Mechanic lifted front wheel with jack and installed breaker bar.. clunk was evident.

Could not see where clunk was coming from unless laying under car while someone attempted same process.

Wheel removed- all bolts checked and tight.

I asked to double check the sway bar link.. Vice grips installed on back side to keep shaft from spinning.. 1/4 turn was achieved with impact.

Problem solved.

In this particular case i had a broken spring on a car with 65K miles. I chose to be frugal and purchased a strut assembly online and saved $75 each by doing so. I also saved the labor of replacing the bad spring, and the leaking strut..and i may as well have bought a mounting plate while i was at it..

Of course my mind went where most of the people on here and blamed it on KYB, and defective parts do happen from time to time. There was also the unknown variable of the top nut. There is a way to tighten it...but as others have said it should come ready to install.

If i did the job myself at home i think i would have been satisfied with the tightness of the sway bar end link.. It was tight.. but not tight enough. Perhaps the 10 years of dust/salt and water had gotten to a thread or two.

I am happy with the ride of the KYBs and all is well now. Will i get another 65K miles of good ride without a broken spring? I hope so.