QSFS 5W-30: Current Fill

Sep 7, 2022
Mid Michigan
I've been running the QSFS in place of the discontinued Magnatec for about 800 miles now. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The initial startup rattle of my Nissan's chains is quite a bit less....even in the cold. It's currently 24 here in Michigan and it started up this morning with hardly any noise compared to the Mag. I typically run 5000 mile OCI's....I'll be checking the condition every 1k miles. The last Magnatec OCI was 5200 and it came out looking very good, so time will tell! My initial impressions are good for an oil that was "cheap."
I bought a jug of the 5W-40 Euro to try next in the truck. We shall see.
I have had 3 oil changes that are once a year and around 5,000 miles with the QS 5W-40 and it works fine. " 2.7 ecoboost in a F150. " I have used the QS 5W-30 syn before the 5W-40 and will probably go back to the 5W-30 after the next oil change. Oil is pretty much oil from the majors with the same ratings.
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