Purple Power NOT safe on aluminium!

But is it as effective and inexpensive as Purple Power?
I use both, the Simple Green product imo is better suited for aluminum, and fool proof. It's also better on painted surfaces, especially in my line of work. Regarding cost, it depends. I'd rather pay a few $$ more when it comes to my Jeeps and use the SG product, the old E-150 gets PP. Some people feel $15+/qt boutique oil is better than Super Tech oil, both are effective and get the job done. I wouldn't criticize them, they have their reasons, just like I have mine.
I'm a budget-oriented automotive enthusiast. I found a long time ago that Purple Power and Simple Green both lost in cleaning ability to an almost the cheapest degreaser on the market today. Also both Purple Power and Simple Green caused damage to various surfaces, yet this cheap product did not. I have yet to find an application (I'm sure such an application is out there, I just haven't found it yet) where this cheap product lost to the previously mentioned products.
This unicorn juice is called LA's Totally Awesome and is available at every Dollar Tree. Cheezy name, but Purple Power or Simple Green aren't much better. I use it on everything for home and auto, no ill effects in last 10+ years of use. And at $1.25+tax for 32oz bottle, price is hard to beat at Dollar Tree. (Amazon REsells it for $9.85/32oz :oops:... Exactly the same product, not a more concentrated version or anything like that... Exactly...The...Same... What a scam.)
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