Purolator product with NO tear

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Apr 19, 2004
New York
I cut open my first oil filter yesterday using my Harbor Freight exhaust pipe cutter. It was a Performax PO-19 (apparently made by Purolator) and it had no tears. I was actually pretty impressed with the uniformity of the pleats and the lack of waviness often found in Purolators. I would use these filters in a heartbeat if I could be sure they were all like the one I cut open. I apologize for the lack of pictures but I don't have that capability.
The PO-19 I cut open looked similar to that PO-37 but the pleats were even straighter on the 19. The PO-19 is a PL195 clone (Fram 3600, Motorcraft 400 etc..) and was installed at a Quick Lube by the PO. The HF cutter worked very well and I'm happy with it. I paid about $22 that's about as much as I wanted to spend to examine my used filters.
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