Purolator 14612 jobber 3946 miles cut open

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Jan 24, 2015
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From my 2000 Nissan xterra (v6, 123k miles). 6 months, Royal purple HMX 10W-30. when I took my truck to a shop for an emissions inspection last march, the morons there dumped my PUP/FU XG7317 with just about 400 miles and installed this tearolator and 5 qt of oil (my truck only take 3.5qt) mad When I realized that, I just changed the oil again(RP HMX 10W-30), not the filter
Wow you know it's not good when pleats are not even straight on a 14612 filter... One of the smallest and shortest filters out there. That's just not good any way to it. I understand when pleats are a bit wavy on a filter 5,6, etc plus inches long. But on one that's 2.5 inches long it's not asking too much to have straight pleats on a filter. It is not like they are building the space shuttle here.
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It’s a cheap filter. That’s what jobbers usually are. Looks like it did the job.
At least it didn’t tear, we can’t expect much from cheap filters, nonetheless, it was not even 4K miles on service
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Here is the Mighty filter I cut open. M4612 Made for Mighty by Purolator
That filter looks ok,,,, probably this new tearolators don’t tear as often as they used to, anyway I plan tu use only FU & M1 from now and on
I'm at the point now that I won't even buy paper pleated oil filters no more---not after all the pictures I see on here.
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I'm at the point now that I won't even buy paper pleated oil filters no more---not after all the pictures I see on here.
Fram ultra and royal purple oil filters are not made of paper I think
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It appears this little filter caught a lot of dirt. Is it possible the filter was near capacity?
Yes. Where is all that stuff coming from?
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What is the previous oil / filter change history?
I bought the truck 5 years ago and since then it’s been on synthetic oils with spring and fall oil changes I saw this amount of stuff only the first oil changes
I'd be suspicious that "That shop" threw that filter on with a hand full of dirt at this point.. don't use "That shop" unless you have no air filter in Reno..ya kno
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Agree you need a robust oil and filter for whatever reason. This engine is generating a lot of dirt in 6 months 4000 miles. Have you checked for air leaks?
Yeah filter doesn't look great, though based on evaluation comments apparently not a functional fail. That said, oil/media color and junk in pleats, one of the worst looking anecdotes at ~4k miles oci/fci I've seen posted here. On first look, thought this was from a diesel engine. For the history of twice yearly synthetic oil changes and total vehicle miles something doesn't add up with this one imo. Perhaps you'll see improvement next time. Thanks for c&p.
I’m done with that shop, I didn’t even bother to complain,,, as I said before,,, previous filters didn’t look this bad,, however, the D+ filter from my sister’s sienna also had a good amount of junk, and previous filters also looked better,, Maybe RP HMX oil has something to do with it. We’ll see next spring, this time QSUD went in both engines.
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