Pro tools: Hydraulic Pressure Slip Tensioning Tool

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Dec 28, 2011
key largo,fl
Any plumbers around ? Recently, replaced a couple hot water heaters and had a chance to borrow a "Hydraulic Pressure Slip Tensioning Tool / Pressure Pipe Expanding Tool". What was really cool, the pros at the site have not sweated pipes, used acetylene/gas etc flames, just heavy duty flexible pipes which are hydraulically pressed into place. No leaks for years on both residential and commercial projects. One plumber mentioned that his toolkit cost nearly 1K and it consisted of cylinders in varying sizes which can be fitted on top of any size copper lines. They simply pressure crimp the steel flex fittings and made for a very quick installation of the new water heater. Are these tools available, what brand would you buy, assuming an occasional, say couple times a year need to cut pipes and crimp a new steel flex in place? The pro supply place will of course not sell to me without a license but almost everything can be purchased online and I would really like to have something like this in my set of seldom-used-but-oh-so-handy-tools. The pros were using similar to this kit Anything better out there?
I do a lot of plumbing and I have not come across the hydraulic tool you refer to. I do use Pex whenever I can because it saves a lot of labor over sweated copper. The Wirsbo Pex I use is expanded over the fittings.
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