Preventing window scratches from rolling up/down

Jan 27, 2020
hello gents,
i am talking about these scratches:


do you have a method to clean out the rubber gaskets/seals of the side windows?

this guy on the interwebz seems to have a good advice. what do you think?
Is this in the tint? Scratches are caused by something digging into the window... So with the window down, I would take a tooth brush or some kind of cleaning device, and scrub the window felts. Maybe some compressed air (carefully) and clean as best you can.
The rubber squeegees can be replaced fairly easily and at low cost on many vehicles.
If you hear a screeching noise when the window is going up or down it's not a good sign. Light sand from gravel roads and rain are the perfect storm for scratched side windows. Unless you can stay off gravel roads you have a chance of getting light scratches.