Potential project idea - need opinions

Feb 27, 2018
The other day on ebay I stumbled upon one of these Chinese 6hp diesel horizontal shaft engines.

I've also seen some on Amazon as well and looking on YouTube there's quite a few videos of them in use and they seem to be pretty decent.

My first immediate idea was to find a go kart frame or buy a kart with a blown motor and put one of these on it and have a diesel go kart.

My only concern is that these turn a max of 3000 rpm and I don't know if that'll be enough to push a go kart fast enough for it to be fun.

Does anyone have any experience with these weird engines and could tell me if it'll work as well as I'm thinking it would or if I'm just wasting my time on this idea?
You’d have to play with the gearing. This site will let you plug in various gear ratios and tire sizes to figure out your max speed. But that’s not that much slower than say the Predator gasoline engines you can get from Harbor Freight, those are rated for 3600RPM max.

Yanno, my snowblower is going to need an new engine soon (depending on what it does this winter season here in PA) and could use more torque. This might be worth the $300 to try out...