Plink/Pop noise from front driver's suspension

Nov 23, 2016
Been chasing this elusive noise for about 9 months now - hasn't gotten better or worse. This is on my 2019 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. It's a pop/plink noise (not a metallic noise really) that happens when hitting certain highway expansion joints (like over a bridge) or while making low speed turns (like merging onto a highway slowly). It just does it once and it sounds like a hood being popped open. Can't replicate it at will - it'll go a few days without making it. Can drive it off road and flex it out and it's silent. I suspect it could be the sway bar end link - if I yank on it it pretty hard, I can feel a slight in/out pop at the bottom socket of the link, but very very very subtle. I can rotate the link. I did experiment with a lift on it for about a week (been back to stock for awhile now) and to install the lift, I had to remove the sway bar end links. To do that, I held the nut with a wrench and used a Torx bit on my impact to loosen it - I am wondering if this broke the end link ball joint? Otherwise, everything seems nice and tight as you'd expect with 26k on it.

You most likely didn't damage the end link by the way you removed it. If you're suspicious of a particular end, take the opposite end loose and wiggle/pull/push in all directions and see if there's any play.