Plastic diesel fuel tank repair?

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Oct 9, 2004
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Looks like the Ram sprung a leak, losing diesel @ a pretty good rate-anybody ever repaired a plastic fuel tank? I can probably get a new oversize one for $1200 or so, or roll the dice with a junkyard one, anybody ever had luck fixing one?
Originally Posted By: George7941
What caused the leak? Plastic tank rubbing against something? Road debris hitting the tank? Crack in the plastic?
Haven't got it out yet, but doesn't appear to be coming from the lines nor fuel pump area. Guessing strap rubbing.
You might be able to get a Spectra Premium brand tank for less, however, I don't know how good they are. Be ready to get new tank straps when installing a tank. I often find that even if a car has never been exposed to road salt, the straps are still prone to rust, and crack when being removed.
If it is just HDPE see if there is a plastic fabrication shop in your area that can thermally weld it. I have found many of these to be UHMWPE and you would be out of luck if that is what your tank is made from.
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Nylon? Wiki says HDPE. "Plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fuel tanks made by blow molding."
You're correct. I assumed that because Nylon is used in the fuel system that it was used for the tank but I am incorrect. They use a multi-layer (up to 6 layers) system with HDPE on the outside and other materials on the inside to reduce permeability. I don't think you can do any trustworthy repair on them.
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