Petro-Canada Duron oils perform like Synthetics

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Apr 4, 2012
Kendall, FL From link above... Petro-Canada shows off extended capability of next-gen Duron oils Trial shows that Duron HP 15W-40, a conventional mineral oil-based diesel engine oil, performed like a synthetic and resulted in extended drain intervals of up to 50% from 500 hours to 750 hours. Josh Fisher | Nov 14, 2017 Petro-Canada Lubricants and long-standing partner, Jepson Petroleum Alberta Ltd., recently announced the results of their joint field trial, testing the performance of Duron next-generation heavy-duty engine oils across four different engine types and ages. The trial, which was conducted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, tested Duron HP 15W-40 to reveal the extended drain performance of the oil in extreme temperatures. The results of the trial showed that Duron HP 15W-40, a conventional mineral oil-based diesel engine oil, performed like a synthetic and resulted in extended drain intervals of up to 50% from 500 hours to 750 hours, with one unit lasting up to 1,100 hours. Oil analysis during the trial also showed: Significant improvement in wear protection, shear stability and BN (Base Number) retention Stay in grade viscosity performance with the prolonged operating hours Excellent all-weather performance over the wide temperature range experienced in Calgary "Our four engine trial of the new Duron HP 15W-40 (API CK-4) saw extended drain intervals of up to 50%. This translates into hundreds of extra hours of engine usage and thousands of dollars saved," said Dave Jepson, owner of Jepson Petroleum Alberta Ltd. “The results were exceptional and beyond what we anticipated. We now have first-hand evidence to show customers and demonstrate the real-time performance of Duron HP 15W-40. This process has really cemented our trust in Petro-Canada Lubricants and given us total faith and confidence in the Duron next generation product line.” Barnaby Ngai, category portfolio manager for Petro-Canada Lubricants added: “Petro-Canada Lubricants and Jepson Petroleum Alberta Ltd. have enjoyed a long and successful partnership over the years. We were excited to work with them on this robust field trial that highlighted the benefits of Duron HP 15W-40. We are committed to working with all our customers in the toughest of environments to improve their operations, both in terms of performance and cost-savings, and to prove the durability of Duron next generation.” The detailed testing plan and subsequent extensive field performance trial saw Duron HP 15W-40 engine oil tested on engines from top OEMs such as Cummins and Detroit Diesel. Oil drain intervals were extended systematically until minor loss of performance was observed by oil analysis. The Petro-Canada Lubricants’ sales and technical teams were on-hand to ensure that testing went smoothly and the day-to-day operations at Jepson Petroleum Alberta Ltd. were not interrupted. You can see more on this trial and the entire line of Duron oils at a special website Petro-Canada has set up.
I bought a 20L pail of their 10W30 Duron and it was gone in a week. 2013 5.3L SLT, 2013 Matrix & 2007 Toyota Highlander. I prolly spend $300 a year at the bulk dealer on Duron products, but I'm not Amsoil about it. If I see a pail of 15W40 Rotella or Mobil 1300 on sale at Canuck Tire (Newfie Speed 'n Sport) or Wally World I'll snap it up. My stash is normally around 200L not including gear and tranny lubes.
Good stuff, indeed. Lots of OEM approvals, even for today's highly demanding engines. PS - don't tell the syn lovers that a dino oil is performing as well as a syn; they'll not believe it. PSS - Toptierpao ... are you listening?
I looked at their oils on paper and liked what I saw. The local bulk dealer charged me 4.5 bucks a liter out the door for a case of 16 liters. I went with the SHP 10w30. It appears the cold weather abilities were better than the Motomaster (Citgo) 10w30 and T5 10w30, all at a price that was better and I never had to go search for a place that sold it. But I better beware, running a to 30 weight oil, even it if its CES 20086 approved? But its only semi synthetic in this brutal prairie weather??
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